Our Partners

Our Suppliers and Partners in Sustainability

Our mantra is: Local, organic, in season. Aphrodite’s takes pride in serving the finest local organic food available in Vancouver. We aim to work directly with local organic micro-farmers to ensure that our menu has the smallest ecological footprint possible. Aphrodite’s makes a conscious decision to purchase its products from companies that share our business philosophy.

Meat Products:
We don’t serve a lot of red meat, but when we do it comes from Two Rivers Specialty Meats and Hills Foods  because they only distribute local, natural and ethical meats. Our nitrate free, happy ham and bacon comes from Gelderman Farms and our amazing sausages come from Oyama on Granville Island. The ground pork for our delicious tourtiere comes from the free-range happy heritage pigs at Urban Digs Farms.

Fish and Seafood:
All of our fish and seafood is local and Ocean Wise certified from Deluxe Seafood Vancouver.

Our organic, free-run turkey is produced locally and ethically from Ross Down Farms  and our certified organic chicken is from Bradner Farms , both in Abbotsford, BC

Our free range, SPCA Certified eggs come from Urban Digs Farm in Burnaby, BC.

Other dairy (cheese, milk, butter etc.):
Our milk products come from Kennedy’s Milk who distributes Avalon and Valley Pride (all certified organic). Most of our cheeses also come from Kennedy’s too (organic cheddar, parmesan, mozzarella). We have some cheeses that are not organic (feta, goat) (at this point, way too expensive to pass on to the consumer!!!). Our brie and cream cheeses are made naturally by Golden Ears Cheeseworks in Maple Ridge, BC.

DAD-WITH-CARROTSFruits and Vegetables: All of our produce is organic. We try to be as local as possible, but in the winter months we have to get some produce from outside of BC.

In the summer we get most of our produce directly from micro-farms such as Glen Valley Organic Farm Co-op , Rootdown Farms, Southlands Farm and UBC Farm as well as urban farms such as Urban Digs Farm, Fresh Roots Urban Farm  and SOLEFood Farm that provides urban agriculture employment opportunities and training for Vancouver’s inner-city residents.

In the winter months we use two different organic wholesale companies: Discovery Organics   and Pro Organics.

Our pie fruits and berries are all local and organic, purchased from local BC farmers. (Except for the odd batch of apples, when our local ones run out!)

FlourOur pies are made from flour milled locally at Anita’s Organic Mill.

We use organic, fair trade coffee from Salt Spring Coffee, roasted at their facility in Richmond, BC.

We are proud to serve many organic wines produced by local vineyards. Beaumont Winery and Kalala Winery, both from Kelowna BC; Lotusland, is Vancouver’s only 100 mile organic vineyard and Forbidden Fruit Winery, in Cawston, BC produces many lovely wines made from fruit sourced from their organic orchards.

Paper Products and Containers: Our paper products are 100% post consumer recycled and our to-go containers and cutlery are compostable. Our cleaning and sanitizing products are 100% environmentally friendly, purchased from Vancouver based Wisent Environmental .