About Us

We serve an mouth watering, wholesome organic brunch 7 days a week (try the eggs benny with lemony hollandaise!) as well as a phenomenal evening fresh sheaphrodites-wild-salmon-burgeret featuring local Oceanwise fish, organic poultry and vegan and vegetarian and gluten-free options. Our three course organic dinner specials feature what is fresh, in season and local from farms in our area and are guaranteed to leave you feeling perfectly pampered and undeniably full.

Our everyaphrodites-salmon-bennyday menu is full of wonderful comfort foods like turkey pot pie, vegetarian chili, crispy thin crust pizzas made with spelt flour, sensuous salads and hearty soups served with fresh homemade bread. We are more than happy to cater to any dietary concerns and we are able to substitute wheat and glutten free products for those who are intolerant or allergic.

Aphrodite’s is undeniably most famous for our pie. Our fruit and cream pies are made from all organic ingredients including local organic fruits and berries. We also have organic wheat and gluten free and vegan pies for those with special dietary requirements.


About the founder: Allan Christian
(August 19, 1943 – April 29, 2008)

In 2002, founder Allan found himself working with and living on Glen Valley Organic Farm Co-Op in the Fraser Valley using his sales and marketing skills to help raise money to keep the farm operational.  He grew up on a traditional farm in Saskatchewan and even though he had left that behind many years ago, he found himself being pulled to be more involved in a hands-on way; fixing machinery, mending fences, weeding and helping with the harvesting. He absolutely loved it and claimed those years on the farm were his happiest.

Allan was always adventurous in the kitchen and during a visit from his mother they baked pies together with the organic heritage apples that had fallen from the trees in the orchard. He was also an adventurous entrepaneur who had started many successful businesses in his eclectic career. He had a vision that an organic pie shop in the city would be a great way to bring the wholesomeness of the farm to the folks in the city, and with lots of determination, hard work and sweat equity, he opened the original pie shop in April 2003.

Later in that same year he opened the cafe to find a venue for the wonderful fresh organic vegetables from the farm and would often harvest the vegetables and serve them the same day in the restaurant! It was instantly a hit and was voted Vancouver’s Best Kept Secret in 2006.

Allan Christian’s daughter, Peggy took over the restaurant shortly after Allan’s passing in 2008 and has committed to keep her father’s legacy alive and thriving. Sadly, Allan is no longer with us, but his passion for bringing local organic food to the city lives on!